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Lightening the clutch

Hey Guys,
I had a work wrist injury back in April (just a sprain in the left wrist I thought) and made it worse about 6 weeks ago off-roading. Did it when I picked up the bike after a down.
MRI shows a torn ligament in the wrist. ****. And right in the middle of the riding season.
I can ride the bike but I have pain and I cannot ride for long.

Have been wondering if I can lighten the clutch a bit to make riding a little easier on the wrist.
Being handy guy, I put myself to the task and thought I would share my experience here.

This is what it looks like stock

And this is what it looks like with the first mockup of the mod


The spring is just something I found lying around in the workshop so had to make do. It is a little long and a little stiff for the job
Length I can mod, and if I take out some of the length, it may lose some of its stiffness as well.
The 6mm threaded rod on the right I left so I can play with the tension in testing
I modded a short stud that holds the other end of the spring is just hanging off the edge of the clutch activator arm. It hangs on there with the spring tension only.


With full tension in the spring. i.e. I tightened the adjusting bolt all the way. Till the spring hook hit the plate. The clutch seemed to still not slip noticeably at low speed. I tried jerking the throttle open and closed at low speed to see if I could detect any slipping. Seemed all fine.
Then I took in on an open road, this is where I think I detected a bit of slip. 100kmh in 6th, then knocking it back to 5th and opening it full up. I think I noticed some slip in the clutch for a short time, then when changing up to 6th on full throttle at about 130, again seemed to slip somewhat.

Next test:
I want to move the plate on the right on to the other side of the locking bolt (on the cable housing) to give it some more room for adjustability and then test again. I want to be able to tighten this till there is noticeable slip in the clutch, then be able to dial it back.

Result in the clutch feel.
At the full adjustablity, where I felt the clutch may have slipped a bit at high speed gear changes on full throttle, the clutch was very noticeably lighter. Without measuring it with a spring scale, I would guess about 50% lighter.

If anyone is interested in this mod, I will keep documenting this project here.
Would love to hear of anyone else who has tried this or other things to lighten the clutch.

Back to my wrist exercises. Doc recons it will take 3 months to get over this injury. Just in time for winter again. Aaaggrrrr
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