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As for the actual question, I was thrilled when the first Africa Twin was revealed in 2014 and the one shown was a DCT. But I was too cautious about a brand new and untested model, so I held fire. As the reports came in beginning in 2016, I was put off by the small tank size more than anything. Roll on to 2018 and the 'Sports model was the answer I was waiting for and I finally jumped at the end of the year when the offers were too good to miss. I got a really hefty discount. My DCT Sports was cheaper (including Honda centre stand fitted) than the normal price of a Standard manual, perfect. And that discount allowed me to swap the wheels for tubeless, almost immediately. Only downside being that luggage will have to wait until next year. I've only had one problem and that was water under the outer instrument cover, both inner and outer were replaced under warranty.

30th anniversary DCT 'Sport.
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