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Thanks @ProCycle
I have been looking at the workshop manual to get a better idea of the mechanics of this connection.
I understand pretty well what part you are talking about. it is the part that connects the rotating pressure plate to the stationary "actuator arm" (the best words I could think of)
The manual is a little light on what exactly is going on here because it concentrates on assembly and disassembly.

My intended use of this mod was to increase the assisting pressure of the spring mainly when I am off-road.
I imagined from the start that this mod would increase the wear of some parts inside, but I assumed the cost was bearable considering it meant I could keep riding and I not impede my recovery.

Has anyone out there got good pics of a clutch change operation on the AT. In particular, how and what is actually in contact with the clutch pressure plate to activate it?

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