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That is a beautiful bike, I've been looking at it (or a NC700) for my wife, who says she loves her Yamaha Majesty 400 maxi-scooter just fine. I used to love mine too, but I've learned something fom the AT. I think she doesn't know what fine is, exactly. Oh well, saves me money. But when I'm following her around the high and low roads of Illinois, I sure have to keep my speed at a comparable level, and corners are way less fun.

I thought she'd like the NX750 since it has a "trunk" (the Majesty's is huge!). But she says she really doesn't want to mess with a manual tranny anymore (mostly fear of stopping and going on a steep incline). I will admit that I might feel safer, for her, if she stays on the scoot, but I'd also like to ride the highways a little faster, just a little.

My other secret reason to buy her one is that I might love it too.