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Change List:
  • Added SW Motech center stand.
  • Added fork air dam (generic brand).
  • Added Batzen windshield adjustable riser.
  • Added Tutoro auto chain lubricator.
  • Added Givi-compatible Endurance rear carrier plate (generic brand).
  • Added Endurance 50L top box (not shown).
  • Added Grip Puppies.
  • Added throttle assist gadget.
  • Added RAM 1" ball mount X-Grip with 3" extension.
  • Added RAM mirror 1" ball mount with 5" extension.
  • Added Camel ADV Windshield Brace.
  • Added Altrider lower engine guard.
  • Added salvaged TechSpec tank knee pads.
  • Added (fused) four SAE 12V extension circuits under seat.
  • Added pair of convex blind spot stick-on mirrors.
  • Added polished solid aluminum highway riding pegs to engine guard (not shown, generic brand).
  • Added bike tampering alarm with tracking and notification from anywhere. Battery lasts up to one year (rechargeable USB).
  • Added 12V OEM accessory socket.
  • Decided to insert a socket-based digital 12V voltmeter (and USB volt/ammeter) with dual USB charge ports.
  • Changed OEM side stand to Camel ADV offering.
  • Changed OEM windshield with National Cycle V-Stream N20058.
  • Changed OEM oil refill cap to private brand knurled aluminum cap (Michigan, USA).
  • Changed OEM tires to Bridgestone A41 (front & rear).
  • Changed: Change passenger seat bolts with stainless steel wing nuts.
  • Pending: Convert tube rim to tubeless using Outex conversion kit. Perform on next tire change.
Motives For Change:
  • To add practical and usable functionality without the appearance of excessive accessory burdening.
  • Improve rider comfort and overall experience.
  • To help reduce maintenance effort, because we each only have so much time on this planet.