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General Information

R1200 GSA
Matte Blue
Everything except Keyless Ignition
I purchased my 1st BMW (2011 R1200 GSA) on March 7, 2015. I had never owned a BMW before and I had my sights on the new water cooled bike, but I thought I'd better give BMW a try before swinging the big stick at a new one. So I haggled a decent deal on a lightly used 2011. As coincidence would have it... a year to the day (March 7, 2016) and 15000 satisfying miles later, I traded the 2011 in on a 2016... Say or think what you want about BMW's, I absolutely adore this bike, it does everything I ask it to and more. I'm excited to ride it... It puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart, every time I throw my leg over it!!! I was unable to ride it for almost 3 months this summer but have still logged almost 24,000 miles and counting... My poor truck has all but been abandoned...
2016 BMW R1200 GSA (Matte Blue)



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