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General Information

Ol' Red
CRF 1000L Africa Twin Manual
Silver-Black (and Red)
2nd owner. Purchased used (2,400 miles) in October 2019 on Long Island, NY.

The day we met...


Ol' Red, on the trail, out and about...





Rider Comfort & Control:
Original owner-supplied equipment
Titax fork adjuster knobs.
Titax adjustable front brake & clutch levers.
Boano Race Parts front brake reservoir cover.
Boano Race Parts rear brake lever.
Boano Race Parts foot pegs.
Boano Race Parts rear brake reservoir cover.
SW Motech adjustable folding shift lever.

Willy-supplied equipment
Tall Honda windscreen.
Fork shield tunnel dam.
Camel ADV windscreen brace.
Grip Puppies.
SW Motech 20mm handlebar risers.
Barkbuster Storm Guard handguards.
Snakeskin Techspec tank grips.
Doubletake Adventure mirrors.
Seat Concepts Rally Comfort seat.

Luggage & Storage:
Original owner-supplied equipment
Honda OEM rear trunk.

Willy-supplied equipment
SW Motech EVO City tank bag & mounting ring.
SW Motech Pro Off-Road side carriers.
Mosko Moto Backcountry Panniers: 25L & 35L.

Engine & Drivetrain:
Original owner-supplied equipment
K&P S1 oil filter.
K & N air filters.
Rugged Roads radiator guard.
Moose Racing radiator hose kit (SAMCO silicon hoses).
Carbon fiber front sprocket cover.
EJK electronic fuel injection programmer.
MIVV stainless steel header.
MIVV titanium silencer.
Acerbis chain guide block.
Rugged Roads steel chain guard.

Original owner-supplied equipment
Dual USB power connector, 2.0 & 3.0.

Willy-supplied equipment
Garmin Zumo 396 LMT mount & integrated power.
OEM 12V power socket.
Eastern Beaver Power Center 8 (PC-8).
Eastern Beaver front power splitter.
Eastern Beaver rear power splitter.
Battery Tender connector attached to the unswitched PC-8 circuit.

Safety & Protection:
Original owner-supplied equipment
R&G front and rear axle sliders.
Galfer stainless steel-braided brake lines, front & back.
3-Tech clutch cover.
3-Tech kickstand foot.
3-Tech rear brake reservoir protector.
3-Tech voltage regulator protector.
3M Scotchbrite red reflective tape on rims.

Willy-supplied equipment
AltRider headlight guard.
SW Motech crash bars & light mounts.
Denali Soundbomb Mini horn.
Denali DR1 2.0 Trioptic LED w/ dual intensity controller and switch eliminator, triggered on the PC-8 switched circuit.
SW Motech bash plate.
Dual Denali B6 LED license plate-mount brake and running lights.
ChiCom knockoff stainless steel pipe protectors.

Externals & Bling:
Original owner-supplied equipment
Front fender carbon fiber extension.
Plastic Bike carbon fiber trim.
Honda OEM centerstand.
Red anodized ProBolt fasteners throughout.

Willy-supplied equipment
Shinko 804/805 tires.
Michelin Heavy Duty MX tubes, front & rear.
Ride-On tire sealant & wheel balance front & rear.


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Thanks Wolfe. I'm heading to NC tomorrow to visit my dad & ride some nice trails in Pisgah & The Great Smoky Mountains.

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Hola Wolfe, I just did the qual ride with a buddy, 1k miles in 24 hrs or less. That gets you a license plate frame you can see in the picture above, a nice little medal and an IBA number you can impress your friends with, if they're the impressible type. That rally is the next level of insanity. I follow the daily posts when they're rolling. Hat tip to your buddy for finishing. That's a real achievement. Many riders in the rally ride Yamaha FJRs. I bought my Feejer with an eye toward running an IB rally some day. I rode this qual ride on my Feejer. It was a fairly easy day compared to my buddy on his Kawi Ninja.

Here's the route we took - it was a perfect autumn day in CA-NV for it. Our only big mistake was rolling onto PCH late in the ride. We got stuck behind a 35 mph cager for almost 45 miles.

#DateTimeZone LocationAvg SpeedOdometerDeltaTotal
200924 hrsUSOdo mphWhole MilesMilesMiles
13-Oct0407LPDTInitial fillup @ Sand Canyon Mobil, Santa Clarita, CA0846800
23-Oct0558LPDTRefuel at Pearsonville, CA Shell64.38587119119
33-Oct0820LPDTRefuel at Bishop Creek Chevron56.48706119238
43-Oct~0950LPDTBreakfast at Hays Street Café, Bridgeport, CA57.4879690328
53-Oct1155LPDTRefuel at Gardnerville, NV Chevron50.5886266394
63-Oct1435LPDTRefuel at Elk Grove, CA Chevron. Lunch at attached McDonalds (~30 mins).51.49006144538
73-Oct1725LPDTRefuel at Gilroy, CA Chevron51.69154148686
83-Oct2040LPDTRefuel at Cambria, CA Chevron50.19297143829
93-Oct~2300LPDTRefreshment stop at Santa Barbara, CA McDonalds, State St.50.69423126955
103-Oct2335LPDTRefuel at Santa Barbara, CA Shell49.294263958
114-Oct0115LPDTReturn for refuel to Sand Canyon Mobil, Santa Clarita, CA50.09524981056
Totals21.13 hrs1056 Odo mi

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Nice machine riding resume. (y)
Thank you sir. That was a long day. The last 100 miles from Ventura to Santa Clarita on the 126 (bottom of the map above) were a blur. I stood on the pegs of my FJR for almost half of that leg to keep focused. My riding buddy was thoroughly wiped out; he was hanging by a thread. But this ante pales when compared to the IBA rally event. Every 2 years these guys hold an 11,000 miles in 11 days (with rest days mixed in) points rally. The ride is a real challenge. Just finishing all 11 days successfully is an accomplishment like surviving H*ll Week at BUDS. It truly is an insane ride.

Let me know if you're ever in the Daytona Beach area and we'll hook up. Cheers my friend.
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I feel like such a noob... but I’m working on it. So much to look forward to!
Don't sweat it Pete. It's far easier to ride the harder rides with others who push the envelope as well. We challenge and support each other to reach our collective goal(s). My best recommendation is to find someone to ride with who shares your 2-wheel need to succeed. Wife, friend, office mate, soul doesn't matter who they are. This ride was not that tough because I had a good riding buddy along.

But you have to get out there and ride. My buddy & I planned this ride for 2 months before we headed out. When the date came around and the weather was perfect, our only mission in life that day was to complete the Saddle Sore 1k ride. Attitude is worth a lot.
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