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  1. CFR1000L Africa Twin Parts & Accessories
    Saddleman Adventure Track seat One ride on it. Perfect condition. Motorcycle sold. $375.00 includes shipping. Was on a 2019.
  2. General Discussion
    I think I want the AT, but trying to learn from others about possible regrets or pleasant surprises. Quick background: been riding since I was 12 in mountains and trails. Learned with friends doing crazy stupid things, but got really good-even as an overweight teen (this comes in to play in a...
  3. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    Just did my break-in oil change and threw on a set of Heed Bunker crash bars and a quickshifter. So far I'm liking them both, the bars feel rock solid and the quickshifter is fun as hell. Next upgrades will probably be a center stand and a Rapid Bike Evo whenever the model specific wiring...
  4. General Discussion
    I'm a first time motorcycle buyer and have had my 2021 AT for about a week now. When doing research for my first motorcycle I was almost swayed from the AT because of all the online reviews talking about how big and heavy it is. The bike feels very maneuverable and nimble for a motorcycle of...
  5. CRF 1000 Engine/Powertrain Technical Discussion
    Hello, the chain of my bike was too lose so I adjust it to specs (35-45 mm slack at Center of swing arm). All is in good condition (sprockets and chain). I put WD40 lube for chains with O-X-Z Rings compatibility. Now all works fine and the bikes behaves nicely but the only problem is that when I...
  6. General Discussion
    Hello folks . Does anyone know if there is a difference between a 2016 slip on , and a 2019 slip on ? Because i want to buy a termignoni slip on but its a 2016 model and i have a 2019 africa twin adventure sport . So if anyone can give me some info that would be great Thanks !
  7. 20210610_193319_HDR.jpg

    the workshop
  8. CRF 1000 Electronics
    So I'm wanting to get a spare key or two for my 2017 AT (US) and Ive heard that the US AT's dont have the security chips in the key, which makes getting the key cut an easy task at my local locksmith. Is this true or do I need to take my bike to the dealership to have a key programmed as well?
  9. General Discussion
    Hello! Confused between a new CB500x and a used 2016 AT with about 20k miles on the clock. Any suggestions on what to look out for in a 2016-17 motorcycle in terms of wear & tear / reliability would be great.
  10. General Discussion
    Good evening everyone, I wanted to first say thank you for having me and thank you for letting me post. So I just got a 2017 Africa twin and I absolutely love the bike BUT it definitely feels restricted to me. So I went out and bought a Dyno jet power vision three tuner to my surprise there...
  11. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin Videos
    Hey guys, Hope everyone's safe! I put together some of my best moments on My CRF 1000L Africa Twin, and it's only Off-roading footage. What makes this better is a song that I've recreated. One of my favourite tracks - Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters. Vocals, Guitars are played by me, while drums...
  12. Honda CRF1000L/CRF1100 vs The Competition
    Seems like the Yamaha T7 is getting universally excellent reviews. In looking at the specs, it is clearly less of a technological marvel than the Africa Twin, with far fewer riding aids and gadgets (particularly compared to 2020+ ATs), yet it boasts a solid power-to-weight ratio and excellent...
  13. CRF 1000 Engine/Powertrain Technical Discussion
    Anyone know of a quick fix for a slight leak from the rocker arm shaft stopper bolt on a crf1000l2? Its not dripping oil but there is a film of oil on the side of the engine below this bolt after sitting for a day or 2.
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! My name Is Jorge and I have been an Africa Twin owner for about 6 months now. I own a 2017 CRF1000L Africa Twin. I have found myself looking at posts on these forums so it's about time I join in on the fun as well. I look forward to receiving help and guidance from fellow...
  15. CRF 1000 Appearance & Body
    Hey guys i Ride a África Twin 2019 Big Tank, i boughted it new at the Stand. Pasted one year of riding and 5k, i notice that was rust every where, in the main frame, on the rims and pedals. Always cleaned, lubrified and kepted in the Garage, it never sleeped on the streets. When i reclaimed that...
  16. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin Videos
    Hope you enjoyed my new video, if you do please Like & Subscribe
  17. CRF 1000 Parts and Accessories
    Good afternoon, I am looking for a piece that is placed in the fairing in the place surrounded below. In the fairing scheme below is part 15. I can't find it because Honda stopped producing this part. The only ones I found cost around 90 € .... If anyone knows of a cheaper place I would be very...
  18. General Discussion
    Hi all, Just joined recently to this great forum. It's relieving to see a community for a bike that doesn't seem to get talked about much in other forums... Anyway, my question is reguarding the rev limiter on the new 2020 crf1100 AS model. I've been riding alot of loose gravel and have seen a...
  19. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin Videos
    Hi Twin riders this is my 1st post here, I've been following this community for almost a year, it's because of this forum that I've sorted a lot of stuff on my AT, learned about it, disassembled it, it has lots of goodies to check daily and keep our inner moto heads entertained. This weekend I...
1-20 of 20 Results