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  1. CRF1100 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
    Hello! I've been struggling for quite a while to get such thing running. Is the Africa Twin supposed to act like a "hub"? I don't think I can send the GPS (TomTom Rider) to the bike then to any Cardo Freecom 2+ headset but maybe I'm wrong. Can the rider & passenger communicate through the...
  2. CRF1100 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
    Does anyone knows how long it will take from i have connected the memorystick with the new software til it has updated ? It has been saying "installing" for the last 30 minutes now.
  3. CRF1100 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
    Hello all, I just received my Aawireless dongle, but after starting android auto after 15 sec is disconnecting. Anyone connect it successfully? Thanks
  4. CRF1100 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
    The rider and passenger are connected to the motorcycle via packtalk headsets, sharing music and intercom together with Android auto. The rider receives incoming calls but the passenger does not receive incoming calls. There is a solution other than connecting a passenger headset directly to...
  5. CRF1100 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
    Hello! I have an issue with Android Auto connecting my Samsung S21 ultra 5g. Once I connect the phone, the connectivity jumps (connects and disconnects continuously). I've tried different cables, without success. Did anyone has similar problem?
  6. CRF1100 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
    Hello from Kenya friends, after updating my AT software Android auto was working fine for a few days. However since past few days whenever I connect android auto it works but I cannot go back to the main screen of the headunit. On disconnecting the head unit screen freezes. I have to switch off...
  7. Honda CRF1000L/CRF1100 News
    Just read this message on the Honda motorcycles homepage: ‘Honda Smartphone Voice Control system’ and Honda RoadSync app for motorcycles ( Just need to figure out how to get it on my 2020 ATAS in combination with Android Auto or this is yet another disappointment from Honda for...
1-7 of 7 Results