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atas 2019

  1. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    So only taken me a month to get down to the wood, but made it today. It’s been sunny and hot, i mean like 25C hot here in the UK today, i was actually sweating buckets with all my riding gear on and a back pack full of my Nikon gear.
  2. 360 Degree Video on board my ATAs

  3. My 2019 Tri Colour ATAS

  4. 9899C9EE-3851-4CDE-98D3-9E62BC1CE7D2.jpeg


    PUIG Healight protector installed
  5. A82679B4-3A79-47BD-A73D-26B3D41D4CBA.jpeg


    PUIG Healight protector installed
  6. 64382FB9-69D0-48CD-B660-B9F247A34118.jpeg


    PUIG Healight protector installed
  7. 9BD9190E-1F79-43B7-B0A3-E406FF320C7E.jpeg


    PUIG Healight protector installed
  8. Parts and Accessories
    So, I recently purchased a 2019 ATAS and my wife and I are now planning on taking a cross-country trip from VA to CA. We'll get her a bike soon. But for me, I plan on doing most of the luggage hauling. I am completely novice with respect to accessories, especially in the adventure bike market...