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  1. CRF 1000 Engine/Powertrain Technical Discussion
    I have a solid state battery in my bike that I bought a year ago. I de-winterized my bike, where the voltage on the battery is reading around 12.4 volts, but my bike won't turn over. It's a DCT so I can't push start it. I rode it 20 miles on Saturday, let it sit and it wouldn't start again. Any...
  2. CRF 1000 Electronics
    Hey guys, I have some questions about my 2018 ATAS, and some cold-start issues, please bear with me, I really need some advice; Here's some context: bought the bike a few weeks ago, it had 15.5k km on the clock and 3 full seasons (oct 2018>present) the previous owner killed its original HY110...
  3. CRF 1000 Electronics
    How do, one and all....! I've a 2019 Adventure Sport (UK model) and twice now the battery has let me down by not having enough charge to start the engine, luckily (both times) this happened whilst at home in the garage. My concern is that I'm planning a solo trip across Europe and into Russia...
  4. CRF 1000 Electronics
    I left the key in the on position for a few hours after a short ride, and then the battery appears to be dead. What options doI have to get it charged again?
  5. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    Apparently tightening the ground wire to the battery is important? Luckily an easy fix after reading up on this site about potential solutions - wish I could remember who to thank specifically. Brad
1-5 of 5 Results