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  1. CRF1100 Parts and Accessories
    Hi guys, just a quick question as I could not find the answer with a simple forum search: are the OEM crash bars for the AT >2020 compatible with the ATAS ES DCT 2021? And also do they come with 2 separate installation kits (one for the body, the other one for the engine)? Found some decent...
  2. CRF1100 Electronics
    Hi guys! I own an Africa twin 1100 2020. I live in the middle of the Andean Mountains in Colombia (Manizales), and i constantly find myself going uphill when commuting in my town. On steep uphills, antiwheelie is constantly and dangerously stopping me in the middle of the climb, so i always...
  3. CRF1100 Electronics
    I have a question about the initial bluetooth pairing of an iPhone and a Cardo packtalk unit. I apologise in advance if this is on another thread somewhere but I can't find it. Obviously the phone and Cardo unit are already paired and the first step is to pair the phone with the multi...
1-3 of 3 Results