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  1. Rev Limiter?

    CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin General Discussion
    Hi all, Just joined recently to this great forum. It's relieving to see a community for a bike that doesn't seem to get talked about much in other forums... Anyway, my question is reguarding the rev limiter on the new 2020 crf1100 AS model. I've been riding alot of loose gravel and have seen a...
  2. Just because the Africa Twin 1100 in black is badass.

    CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin General Discussion
  3. Handguard Installation Video for CRF1100

    Parts and Accessories
    In case some of you like me don't buy the Barkbusters or you just want to see what the OE set looks like here's my little vid. Hope it helps...or at least gives you a giggle at my expense lol CRF1100 Handguard Installation