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  1. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin General Discussion
    Hey guys looking for some info, I just bought an AT 2020 MT model :love: and want change the standard exhaust. Do I go for full system or slip on ? Would full system effect the running of the bike? Has anyone fitted a power commander with a full system, if so what was the gains ? was it...
  2. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin General Discussion
    Hello folks . Does anyone know if there is a difference between a 2016 slip on , and a 2019 slip on ? Because i want to buy a termignoni slip on but its a 2016 model and i have a 2019 africa twin adventure sport . So if anyone can give me some info that would be great Thanks !
  3. CRF1100 Parts and Accessories
    Hey AT owners, I just bought a new CRF1100L Adv. Sports and found the sound to be a bit less entertaining than on the previous version (i owned the 2019 CRF1000L Adv. Sports). I know this is due to emission and noise restrictions. I dont want a really loud aftermarket exhaust so im just...
  4. CRF 1000 Appearance & Body
    Has anyone looked into coating the stock exhaust where a slip on would go? I actually like the sound of my 2019 ATAS, but that’s a lot of stainless. I was thinking of looking into having it Cerakoted. What do you guys think?
1-4 of 4 Results