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  1. CRF1100 Parts and Accessories
    Does the new 22 model CRL1100 (manual, not AS) come with a documentation bag under the front seat? I am asking because mine came with the tool kit (closer to the battery) and extra tools (passenger seat) but it is missing the documentation bag as detailed in the manual.
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys looking for some info, I just bought an AT 2020 MT model :love: and want change the standard exhaust. Do I go for full system or slip on ? Would full system effect the running of the bike? Has anyone fitted a power commander with a full system, if so what was the gains ? was it...
  3. CRF 1000 Engine/Powertrain Technical Discussion
    I'm just curious if anyone with a manual AT out there has installed the Rekluse manual clutch. If so, what was the change like? What did you like and dislike? Anyone who has...
  4. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin Photos
    Everyone in the Bay Area, CA. Be careful we got an AT cop on the streets. Brand new AT decked out with police gear. Seems like a cool dude tho.
  5. CRF 1000 Wheels, Tires, Tubeless Setups
    Owners Manuals - Honda
  6. Willy's 2016 Manual AT

    The day we met... Ol' Red, on the trail, out and about... Ol' Red, in the Florida wilds... Ol' Red, taking a rest in the swamp... Ol' Red, on the Tail of the Dragon... Ol' Red, on the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route... New farkle changes in RED. Rider Comfort & Control...
1-6 of 6 Results