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  1. CRF 1000 Electronics
    What is the most aggressive setup? With more power? No traction control, for the trail, for easy wheeling... I only use it for offroad and I have difficulty lifting the front to pass some obstacles, can anyone help me?
  2. New Member Introductions Hi All, My Name is Jay ( usually called as MAVERICK) and i bought my First Africa twin in 2019 . Since due to limited supplies we had only DCT version available here in India. First i was very skeptical about going with DCT and was test riding other...
  3. CRF1000L/CRF1100 Africa Twin Videos
    Hey guys, Hope everyone's safe! I put together some of my best moments on My CRF 1000L Africa Twin, and it's only Off-roading footage. What makes this better is a song that I've recreated. One of my favourite tracks - Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters. Vocals, Guitars are played by me, while drums...
  4. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    Finally got to the wood to take some photos, but also had a chance to take my bike around a few of the trails too. Jesus thats a lot of fun!!
1-4 of 4 Results