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  1. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    Did the following this weekend to my 2020 Base Model. 1. Clearwater Erica LED Lights - Mounted on Crash bars 2. Installed Rotopax for upcoming Mexico trip 3. Installed highway pegs on crashbars to stretch my legs when cruising down I-10 across west texas! 4. FOBO Tire Pressure Monitors 5. GoPro...
  2. CRF 1000 Parts and Accessories
    Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone has lowered their pegs. I find my self dangling my feet a lot on trips because the pegs are at a awkward height and it is uncomfortable on the knees. I know some bikes have brackets that lowers the pegs but haven’t seen anything like that for my 2019...
1-2 of 2 Results