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  1. General Discussion
    Chain Quality differs i changed the original 525 DID chain after 12000 km. With a SNELL 124 links 520 because one off the X Rings got damaged in the OEM chain i also replaced the Front Sprocket in the same run ! The bike has now run a little over 25000 km. and it was time for a new DID 525 chain...
  2. CRF 1000 Engine/Powertrain Technical Discussion
    Have been browsing those of you who have changed either your front or rear sprocket tooth counts, or both, to meet your requirements based on the type of riding you predominantly do. I noticed one post where the poster mentioned you should not change the OEM setup on a DCT AF; but did not state...
  3. CRF 1000 Engine/Powertrain Technical Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am getting close to a new chain and sproket set. Am considering dropping or adding a tooth to the back sproket. Main reason is that, as a commuter, I always feel the bike is revving a bit too much in 5th, and chuggs too much in 6th when doing 50-55kmh. If I drop a link, I feel I...
  4. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    I replaced the front sprocket guard with custom parts 😁 Cleaning is very easy when running off-road. It is convenient because you can easily check the condition of the sprocket. The genuine chain cover is difficult to clean due to the accumulation of mud and oil inside the case. There are...
1-4 of 4 Results