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  1. CRF1000 Suspension, Set-up and Mods
    Since the preload adjuster on my rear shock is stuck, I'll need to replace it and I can't find only the adjuster. What complete shock options do I have that are at least as good as the stock one (which I actually liked)? I'm not looking for the expensive options such as Ohlins etc..
  2. CRF1000 Suspension, Set-up and Mods
    For the standard 2016-2019 Africa Twin 1000L non-adventure sports, does it make more sense to re-valve and respring the suspension (Hyperpro, Touratech, etc.), or to replace the rear shock (Ohlins, Tractive, Touratech, etc.) and say a front fork cartridge kit? What are the pros and cons of...
  3. General Discussion
    Does anyone know of a chart to determine what springs will work for my weight? Also what the deal with the progressive fork springs? Had On a dirt bike years ago and they where terrible. It hard to set up suspension with the spring rate changing as it progresses. Any if would be greatly...
  4. General Discussion
    21 dct With the fork preload all the way in I'm still have 50mm static sac. Has anybody else had this problem?
  5. CRF1000 Suspension, Set-up and Mods
    Hey folks, looking for some feed back on what is the best way to set up my suspension for on road and off road on my 2018 atas . I currently clock in at about 6’2 at 255lbs before gear and luggage. the bike also has aftermarket armor as well. I find my self bottoming out the suspension on...
  6. General Discussion
    Hello Colleagues, just purchased a new Honda africa twin 1100 (no DCT, no AS). 2021 model in pearl white. While I'm waiting to recieve it next week i was wondering how do you do to modify the suspension, if you had any videos or guide. Im a tall person, 1.90 cm (6,2 feet) and i weight...
1-6 of 6 Results