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  1. CFR1000L Africa Twin Parts & Accessories
    While tempting to leave the rear seat on in hopes of picking up some beautiful damsel in distress along an ADV ride, I removed the rear seat and replaced it with this toolbox from Riot Gear Products. Much better use of the space, at least until I actually need to pick up a damsel. In order to...
  2. CRF 1000 Parts and Accessories
    Hi, I just bought an 2018 Africa Twin DCT and the prior owner gave me the service manual with it. I was thinking of starting tinkering and doing my own maintenance but I'm a total noob and have 0 experience. 1) What is the best tool kit I should purchase that can cover most of the Africa Twin...
  3. What Did You Do To Your Africa Twin Today?
    We made a small toolbox for the right side off the bike from 2,5mm Aluminum sheets it keeps nice and dry in rainy dayes from the heating of the exorst off the bike👍
1-3 of 3 Results