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13 New Adventure Bikes for 2016

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The BMW's aren't "new" but always good to have options. The Benelli looks interesting...

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And the KTM Super Duke isn't an adventure bike (unless adventure is defined as sitting on 173 HP). Too bad they didn't include the KTM 690R Duke. It has a revised LC4 engine with two counter-balancers (solves the big thumper vibration problems), fully adjustable suspension and cornering TC/ABS. Sadly, the "R" version is not coming to the U.S. (just the stripper 690 Duke).
For Benelli, it looks like their owners from China have some funds available for new product development. The 500cc adventure bike looks like it fits in with the wire spoke wheels and aggressive treads. The CCM too, which has a head start getting to market. There may be a CCM 450GP owner or two in this forum.
Question here: what is the beak origin and purpose?
Benelli only about 50lbs lighter than the Africa Twin, but about half the horsepower.

As for beaks, didn't Suzuki start it with the DR Big?

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So DR BIG is responsible for beaks?! :surprise:
I'm sure I recall reading somewhere that a manufacturer had increased their beak size in order to prevent mud/sand/general muck from coming up over the front of the bike.

Might have been when I was reading about the new Ducati "enduro". Which is lovely but having sat on one I just cannot contemplate ever going near a green lane with one, let alone doing what you see in their latest video. They are big (and pricey).

I like look of the Benelli though.
also isn't KTM supposed to come out with something ADV flavored based on their 390 duke? It's also said BMW could do similar with their new little G310... Quite into the Huskys as well
Not sure where he get his source from but if he is right, 210kg dry weight for a 500 is rubbish.
That AJP looks pretty good. It's like the off road concept AT and that yamaha T7 concept.
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