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Hi Folks,

2016 Manual bike, UK, so it has HISS.

Bike died a few weeks ago in a remote location in Wales, no mobile signal but plenty of tools to hand.

Complete electrical failure, broken connection at the ignition switch.

We didnt have a manual or wiring diagram to hand, but we managed to get the bottom section of the ignition barrel off the bike, and set up a link to be able start and stop the bike, and we continued on our tour.

Returned home to Glasgow, and picked up the part 35101-MJP-G51 to replace it.

We made a concrete effort of retaining the spring between the two modules (not shown on the Honda parts diagram), but on rebuild I am starting to suspect we have lost another part that isnt shown on the Honda parts diagram.

With the new 35101-MJP-G51 installed, the key will not turn into the on position.

When you push the key into the ignition, you experience a small nudge of push back (from the spring) that allows the key to turn clockwise.

I can simulate this action by removing the new part and performing the push back with my hand (see pic 7)

I am starting to wonder if there was a washer/plate that sat on the shoulder of the pin on pic 8, to push that pin upwards????

It is possible that we missed this when stripping the bike at the roadside and it has become lost.

No such part is shown on the Honda parts lists, but then, the spring isnt shown either.

Has anyone been sown this road? Does this ring any bells with anyone??

Thanks in advance.

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SOLUTION: (Incase anyone else finds themselves on this journey)

There was something missing, a wee tiny spring, about 2mm diameter/20mm long that sits deep in the centre line recess of the bottom contact section of the lock, that pushes against the output shaft of the upper ignition barrel.

The upward motion of this additional spring permits the key to turn clockwise to turn the switch to the on position.

[I found the spring in the bottom of my top box. It must have come loose from the old bottom contact section when it was rattling about in there on the rest of my trip. Neither of the two springs that are required here are on the spares diagrams, so unlikely to be available to buy if ever needed]


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