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Located in Gainesville, Florida. I am reluctantly posting my 2016 Honda Africa twin. It is the Red Manual version. The reason for selling is that I am re-locating and can only take one of my bikes with me and want to use the funds of the sale for the moving/relocation process

Back to the interesting stuff... This bike has been garage kept, and mostly ridden on weekend jaunts around where I live. It has seen only a few dirt trails. the bike has around 850 miles on it. I changed the oil and the filter at 591 miles. Its been well taken care of and broken in properly. Bike is in near new condition and ready to ride. The one CON is that I have misplaced the spare key

- Honda OEM larger windshield
- ROX handlebar Risers
- Larger/wider pegs (I don't know the brand, they came off an upgraded XR650 that I had. But they are about twice the size of the stock ones. They make a world of difference)
- Battery Tender hook up

The Price is $9,800 cash. As most these things in person only, cash only. I just payed the bike off yesterday. So should receive the title within 2 weeks. Title is clear and in my name

Call/Text Andy 352-213-2006. I an can send you some pics of the bike.

have a great day:)
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