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Hey Everybody!

I'm letting go of my bike with a heavy heart, but something I'll need to do as my wife is going back to school full time and won't be working for a few years. I did get in a really great 2,000 mile trip to hit Deal's Gap before I had to sell it, so great memories.

I bought it May 29th, 2016 from Hawkeye Motorsports in Iowa and drove it back to Wisconsin. There were no other DCTs available in WI at that time and I wanted one ASAP! I've loved riding it every moment and the confidence I have on the bike with the DCT is second to none. It will be hard to get another bike in the future where I have to shift, it was that good. Without any further ado...

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT, Silver
4200 miles
2 oil changes. 1000 miles, and mid road trip at 3500 miles. Used Honda filters for oil/DCT each change, and Honda oil.
Honda OEM 12v adapter
Honda OEM center stand
Honda OEM full tool kit
Honda OEM short seat
Batzen Windscreen riser w/ gps mount
Koso Heated grips
Kaoko Throttle lock
Mosko Moto Reckless 80L w/lock strap
Ram X-Mount for phone
Spare front and rear tube
Tire/tube change tools/sockets.

I had a blog up for a little bit of the bikes early adventures:

It's been off road on a few gravel roads but hasn't ever done any jumping or any other off roading. I was saving that for later, but it's off-road life will have to come at the hands of someone else. I really, really, really, love the Mosko bags. After my 9 day, 2000 mile adventure I just can't say enough about how versatile, easy to use, and easy to pack they are. Mosko products will find their way onto all my bikes from here on out. That's about it. I'll ship at the buyer's expense and would drive it for delivery within a few hours of my place (near Madison, WI).

Thanks for looking,


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