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I bought this new in July 2017 and it has 15,000 miles now. It is the manual version. I decided to go in a different direction (i.e. smaller, lighter) and was going to trade in for something new next spring. But, I figure why hang on to this bike all winter long if I don't have to.

Extras include: Honda center stand, oem 12v accessory socket, Barkbuster handguards, fender riser, Camel ADV footpeg brace, windscreen brace/gps mount, SW Motech crash bars and skid-plate, ADV Monster led auxiliary lights (dimmer controlled and wired to go to full bright when high beam activated), Tusk pillion rack (turns passenger seat into cargo space), fender riser, Givi tankloc bag, Givi quick release side racks and Kappa 33 liter side cases.

I also have a Nitron R3 rear shock and a 19/17 tubeless wheel setup from Rally Raid that I will be selling separately. Note that some of the pics here show the bike in the black RR wheels. I am selling it with the stock gold ones.

Now the not-so-good... The bike had decided to take a nap in the dirt and, unfortunately, the unevenness of the trail and the way the bike landed, the crash bars didn't fully protect and the stator cover got scratched up. Nothing bad, but obviously something to disclose. I actually bought a new stator cover because it was fairly inexpensive ($150), but never bothered to install it. I will include it.

Other than that the bike has been maintained well. I'm obsessive about changing oil in all my vehicles. I've only used Honda GN4 oil.
Tires are Mefo Explorers with a few thousand miles on them - still plenty of life left.

Located in Walpole MA, between Providence and Boston so a fly-and-ride to either of those airports would work fine.

As you can see, there's a lot in extras. Given that, I think $8650 would be a very good deal. What say you?


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