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2022 atas windscreen on 2021 model?

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Dislike the 2021 tall windscreen. When muc and water gets on it obstructs my view. But I do like it at higher speeds when theres no rain.
2022 atas model has a shorter but adjustable screen, seems like the perfect solution. Will it fit my 2021 model if i order one from honda?
No info on this anywhere :(

edit: i read somewhere that the oem 2020-2021 atas windscreen should be adjustable, like the 2022. But that the 2022 is shorter.
Either that info is incorrect or i do not have an oem screen on the bike (it was an occasion, so could be something aftermarket put on by the previous owner).
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The 2020 onwards ATAS screens are adjustable, even if you go aftermarket it should still be adjustable as it is the bracket they fit to that moves.
The 2020 onwards standard AT is non-adjustable.

Do you have a pic of your bike showing the screen?
@Hood Thanks for the info!

Stopped by the dealer this morning on my way to work to ask them about it. They told me the same, it should indeed be movable from the 2020 and newer models adventure sports.
Turns out the bracket is stuck,... Because it didnt move I assumed it was a new 2022 feature and they didnt move before that.

J*$us, I feel like an idiot now.
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I just changed my 2020 atas window with a 2022 atas windows.. worked perfektly... even though it look like the holes was alittle bit offset it was a perfekt fit.
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