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3000 mile 2018 ATAS Frame Paint coming off after washing

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So I was washing my bike (2018 ATAS 3100 Miles) today and when jet washing off the Muc Off the paint on the frame down the front of the bike started coming off. Has anyone else had this? is it a known problem and will Honda Fix it? The Bike is still under warranty for another 6 months. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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Other Forum members have posted similar images of white frame paint flaking off the weld points.

Maybe it happens on the black frames too, but few notice it.

Honda might grumble and call it, "wear and tear" (or in the owner's case, "tears" :cry: ).
My old 16 bike suffered badly in this area after a year or so, I didn't bother Honda with it just treated it myself and painted with black hammerite, I put a fender extender on and it was ok for the next three years.
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