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I bought my 2016 model bike brand new in march 2018. This means it was sitting at the dealer for a while before I got it.

I was not very obsessed about the break-in procedure, just avoided redline and stayed within 75% throttle.

I changed the oil at 600 miles and decided to do a oil analysis to see what came up. I asked them if they could tell how well the rings seated and if they could detect what kind of oil Honda puts at the factory. Here are the result:

It looks like your rings seated pretty well... no chrome, which would show excessive ring wear, was
found. Aluminum is a little elevated compared to averages, but it's probably wear-in and we expect it to
improve from here. Averages for this engine type are based on about 3,100 miles on the oil. As far as the oil
brand... we're not sure. It doesn't have a real distinguishable additive package. The viscosity measured in
the 5W/30 range. No fuel dilution, water, or other contamination was present, so it looks like you're off to a
good start so far.


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