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.75kg race tech springs installed & 15weight oil.
had to cut the spacer down and drill new vent holes as the springs are longer by a good 30mm. so we shortened it by same extra length thus still have preload use & not be already preloaded 30+mm.
with no preload I am dropping into the fork travel about 3 inches or so and I weigh 165.
once I have gear on should be setting just right 3 1/2 or little more. so 1/3 into the travel.

I did a 50mph antilock stop still had a good 3 inches of travel.

before I would bottom them out just stopping at stop signs?::surprise:.

the ride is far better, handling is better & stable the ride height is better maintained.
the fork action was good before now it is outstanding & super plush:grin2:. inspires more confidence & trust for sure.

going to try to get the 9kg on the rear tomorrow or later the week.
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