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I have just separately posted what I have been up to but I do have a few questions on accessories that I am puzzled by in relation to my 2018 AT CRF1000A.

Firstly, I have not been able to identify my lower crash bars ( I do not have upper bars) and I am wondering if they are original Honda. They seem very well made. There does not seem to be any manufacturing details on them that I can find.

Automotive tire Hood Bicycle tire Wheel Tread

Left side crash bar.

Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

Right side crash bar

Secondly I have a Garmin NAV display mounted and it works well telling me where I am but I have not been able to use it or change it with gloves and I am endeavoring to not get distracted since the bike is a lot heavier and more powerful than I thought, though loving it. However, the Garmin is mounted on a piece of body plastic as shown in the photo and it vibrates a bit. Is this the sort of thing that gets mentioned as causing the windshield frame to sometimes need extra support?

Automotive tire Hood Light Motor vehicle Bumper

The Garmin navigator attached to the plastic cover by two small bolts.

Lastly, nearly all the ads for sidestand foot extenders say they fit AT 2016-2017. Is the 2018 sidestand different?
Musical instrument Guitar accessory Automotive tire Bicycle part String instrument accessory

My 2018 sidestand foot

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