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A while ago I tried to get the other headlight working on my 2018 Adventure Sport.
  1. I was trying to fit a Skene controller but unfortunately my model is not compatible. But while I had the bike apart I soldered in a main beam wire and left it under the headlights for easy access unlike Honda's accessory socket.
So yesterday I made use of the wire by fitting a pair of auxiliary lights.
They have a blue DRL light around the outside and a white led fog light in the centre.
Easy install with accessory wire to the lighter for the blue light and the previously fitted blue wire for the main beam white lights.
At the moment I haven't got it switched so the lights are on all the time but I do have a Honda fog switch on order that I will add at a later date.

Overall pleased with the result and I think they do add to the visibility of the bike.
Cost of job so far is a reasonable £40. View attachment 53560 View attachment 53561

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Hey Srog
These additional wind deflectors forward. Any good?

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No to butt in..
Got them on mine along with the other OEM fairing extensions, they are more for show..
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