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A month or so ago I had one of those days where dropping the bike was a bit too familiar of an experience. The fourth and last drop was at a bit of speed coming up out of a wash; I failed to turn fast enough and ploughed into a dirt bank, maybe 5 mph. Thank God for good riding buddies that help lift napping bikes, repeatedly, in 105 deg. weather. (@Garnett !)

The Heed bars continued to do their job, but the left side got pushed in about 1/2" (~13mm?). Barkbusters were a good thing, as well.

We must have symmetry, so the pics below:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Wood Public space Automotive tire

Wood Flooring Automotive tire Floor Motor vehicle

Fuel tank Motorcycle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive fuel system
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