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A quick question to those with aftermarket cans..

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After you put on the new slip-on…
Did you try your bike with the exhaust valve still (connected) working ?
Does it do the obvious to the sound ?
IF you did try it, then unhooked it, did it feel different after?

I‘m just curious, because, IF it doesn’t just totally make the exhaust sound like 💩 it might be nice to have a quiet exhaust at times, in trails, in the morning when warming the bike up, etc.
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I have posted this a few times, sound not great but it should let you hear the difference.
That's exactly what I'm looking for. The only doubt is about price :rolleyes:
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That's exactly what I'm looking for. The only doubt is about price :rolleyes:
Yes, quite expensive, price has jumped up almost 40% since I bought mine as Honda now lists it as an accessory. I paid £890 for mine but it is now listed as £1229 from the same place :eek:
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Me too, my actual bike is noisy but nobody has problem with it, since I start it, let idle for half a minute then go away at low RPMs
I think most people, me included, get more irate over a lack of respect for others. If you ride off quietly, people will know that you have given them some courtesy.
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How is the SC Project's?
I'm waiting for my ATAS with Arrow straight pipes and original silencer. I'd like to mount something smaller and lighter like the SC or Akra ones, but I don't want to become my neighbors worst nightmare neither be annoyed on long travels, so I'm considering only options with original valve.
It will become pretty loud and lean , as i already wrote higly suggest to not run the bike without an ecu Flash or a rapid bike ( like even the seller clearly stated) .Plus on the 1100 going for header without cat , mean go in the 100DB area ( on the 1000 , as euro4 was not that big difference)
Already booked for the ECU Reflash. I'm worried about being too loud with an aftermarket silencer.
There is not much difference between oem and after market end can , if you got header without cat.
I'm a stocker. The older I get the stealthier I want to be. It seems like I end up down lonely dead end driveways or somewhere I'm not likely welcome. So I run outlaw a lot and really like the "squall" from the oem can. I can feel the valve function in 6th gear as well as a clank once in a while when it flops open or closed. It's a character I enjoy.
No issue with loud pipes but I have come to respect the public opinion and only run 100mph when it just don't feel like it's wrong! LOL!
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