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Is everyone else around the world having as much problem as I am in the US trying to order things for the AT? Can't find crash bars, can't find center stand, cant find skid plate (or one I want).

For a bike that we have known about for this long, and after hearing how honda has given so much time for development, where are all the accessories? Can't even get honda center stand..........Very disappointing. And many don't even know when they are coming. Do any of these companies work extra hours like me?

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Here in New Zealand.
I ordered my DCT back in Feb and at the same time ordered Touratech engine guard, headlight protector (grill one), Zega Mundo panniers (31 & 38Ltr), Zega Pro quick release top box (38Ltr), back rest and extra wide foot pegs.
Also ordered Honda heated grips, fog lamps, 12v ACC socket, sub harness and crash bars.
I was informed in May that all the items had arrived (only took 3 mths).
In early June I ordered a main stand.

In June I also checked with the shop to ensure everything was there and at that time discovered that the wrong model top box had turned up (not the quick release model). I was informed that it could take 2-3 months before the correct one will arrive.

In the second week of July I uplifted my bike and discovered that the extra wide pegs had been changed to a different made (manufactured locally). No problem as they work very well.
All the Touratech and Honda parts were fitted (apart from the top box and pegs) to the bike.
At this stage I haven't had any problems with the heated grips on a 3 or 5 setting. The temperature here has only got down to -4c.
Still adjusting the fog lights so the shine in the correct place.
Overall I'm very happy with the bike and I do use the manual mode around town, as it changes up to quickly in auto.
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