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Hey everyone,

Just received my Sargent seat, MotoPumps GPS mount & Honda panniers and got them all mounted. The GPS mount is rock solid & a very well built product. I've had Sargent seats in the past, and this one looks like it will be pretty comfortable & I think is a sharp looking seat. When hooking up my Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S, I took the supplied power cable & wired it into a cigarette power adapter so I can plug it into the 12V outlet. As hard as it is to hook things to the battery, I figured this would be a good option as long as I'm not riding in a downpour. It hooked up pretty easily to my J&M BT04 headset & now I can hear music and directions through the GPS & my I-Phone 11. Not as easy to use as the Apple CarPlay on my Wing, but that thing has me spoiled. Here are a few pictures. I have a MadStad shield with the AdvMoto reinforcement brace & the GPS mount fits nicely on the brace.
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