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Just installed my lower SW Motech lower crash guards. Noticing what seems to be a lot more vibration, especially on the footpegs. Previously removed the rubber dampers from the foot pegs so I had better grip when off road.

Has anyone else experienced this, or, if so, any solutions?

I do have the upper crash guards as well and was going to wait a while before installing.

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Hey FranklinBC. Just installed my (crash bars engine guards, skid plate all OM) last weekend. I notice the vibration in the foot pegs as well and different clutch noise due to the skid plate resonance. it's been a week now. I relooked at the bolt torques. I've been out three times since and I do not notice the vibration as much any more (acclimatized to it???). But the resonance for the plate is what it is. Don't know if my comment is of any service or reassurance to you. P.S.: nice rubbers! Tank pads are from where?
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