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Pretty easy to install. Took maybe an hour to put on the bike. It comes with the positap connectors and a prewired harness. A bit of planning and careful drilling and it adds a great deal of visibility to the rear of the bike.

It has a flash on the brakes, amber signals and flashers, and quite a bright secondary setting when touching the brakes.

The wiring ties right into the light connection area under the pillion seat and you have to peel back a bit of tape and covering at the 'y' part of the harness to tie into the red/black brake wire. All the wiring and controller fit neatly and easily under the pillion seat (which is useless space for me).

The photos show flashers and running lights. I couldn't get a picture activating the brakes but needless to say they are bright!

I also finished up the Optimate O-20 plug to allow charging of my phone or electronics inside of the top case. Really handy.


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