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Africa Twin Engine Could Be Used in Other Honda Road Bikes

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The Africa Twin's CRF1000L engine is rumored to be considered for other Honda models. Chief among those models being considered are the liter-class Deauville and a CB/CBF1000 range.

Manufacturers are moving to use engines in multiple motorcycle models in order to cut costs and maximize profits, just like the car industry does.

This means that a bike manufacturer spends a certain amount of money on engineering, and delivers a new engine on the market to be used in a number of different bike models. Some variations are also engineered and tested alongside the new engine, such as new mappings, new transmissions and the likes.
No official word from Honda yet, but the engine definitely has the power to be put into bikes like Deauville or the CBF.

Could you see the Africa Twin's engine being proliferated to other models in the Honda lineup?
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It would make a fine Supermoto engine in similar style of chassis to what Ducati and KTM offer.
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