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Africa Twin in Town

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Test events have begun in Italy!

From the Video:

Test drive nuova Honda Africa Twin (versione Abs e Traction control) a Legnano (Moto Macchion). Video non montato.
Prime impressioni: Facilissima da guidare, baricentro molto basso, assetto adatto persone bassa statura (io necessito di raiser e sella rialzata), 95 CV godibilissimi e molto modulabili.
Adatta per tutti i giorni e per gite off non estreme.
Strumentazione completa (manca un bel contagiri) per nulla fuoristradistica.

New Honda Africa Twin CFR1000L (version with ABS and Traction control). Short test drive in Legnano at Moto Macchion dealer. Video as shot (no dubbing).
Key impressions: Extremely easy-to-drive bike, weigh low and mass well distributed. Setting for not tall people (I would need handlebar raiser and higher seat). Modular power, you do not feel 95HP at your commands. Good for everyday use and not extreme off road raids.
Cockpit complete but not at all off-road designed (rpm indicator, via digital bars, not nice).
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