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Africa Twin not straight!!

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Anyone picked up their brand new AT and their front fairing is on the piss causing the dash to be on the piss?
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What does on the piss mean? are the plastics not lining up?
Either the bike is drunk....or maybe the rider. >:)
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I've had one or two Hondas like that. On the CBF1000 it was a regular issue. I just ignored it.
Perhaps posting a photo will illustrate the issue you describe...

In short, it should be aligned correctly. Otherwise only visit back to the dealer to explain what's happening...
Yeh sorry.


Not straight or aligned.

I will get a photo later tonight. It is not something you could put up with it looks like you are riding on a lean when you are riding it.
Have you had the accessory plug or anything fitted by the dealer that maybe entailed the fairing to be removed by the mechanics ?
Possibility is that they've cocked up putting it back on as there's no way it should leave the factory any other way than perfect.
My manual AT's display is tweaked... the DCT I had before was exactly the same. Completely removed the front end bits on both bikes while doing wiring and didn't find anything that was causing the cluster to be offset. It should be straight but I've stopped worrying about it.
My handlebars were really on the piss,way too far to the right,meaning right arm bent,left straight,ask them twice to sort it,ignored me[now iv'e bought it the dealer don't want to know] I loosened the forks in the yokes and twisted everything several times until it was ok as it really bugged me,shouldn't have to do these things on a brand new bike.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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