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On the ride home from picking it up.
This is Big Cottonwood Canyon between Salt Lake City, UT, and Park City. Heading through the Wasatch Mountain range.
Great hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter.
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Solitude Mountain Resort. With it closed it really was a fortress of solitude...
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At home in the Uinta Mountain Range of northern Utah.
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Ride along the back-roads from Coalville, UT, up to Evanston. WY.
There was about 6 miles of dirt road on the route. Saw a beautiful heard of Prong horn running across the open terrain, but couldn't get the camera out fast enough for a picture. I may get a GoPro, for those quick pics.
This is picture is looking over Evanston, WY.
I know Montana is called "Big Sky Country", but Wyoming is right there with beautiful big skies as well.
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Looking forward to further explorations this summer.
It’s always nice to see pictures of a AT running wild in its environment...
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From Black Dog. Their kit uses Hepco Becker uppers and the strut bars that tie the uppers to the lowers are also part of the Black Dog kit. There are also struts available that mount on the front of the frame downtube and bolt to the upper bars for even more bracing. Kind of pricey but no better setup out there in my opinion.
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