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Africa Twins: CRF1000L vs XRV750

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Found on ADV Rider, the original XRV laid over the new CRF, geometry looks spot on identical give or take a few...

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Great comparison of the two. Thanks for posting this, sure beats just seeing them side by side.
yea, I'm not sure though if its been scaled at all... would be interesting though if they kept the same package size..
Safe to say it wasn't since it can vary so much, but of course that depends on the source that put this together. Either way it acts as a good comparison for now...

We'll have to wait for more details.
Just read that the CRF1000L and the XRV750 are the same weight, but the new AT makes 35 bhp more ;) oh man this guy's gonna be funnnnnn....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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