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2020 Africa Twin DCT in stealth black (non-Adventure Sports)
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I ordered a nice-looking air shield / air dam that does not fit my 2020 AT DCT. Maybe it fits an ATAS, but I’m not sure. Comes with the screws and spacers to mount, never used, and appears to be of decent quality. Alibaba gave me a full refund, so I’m happy to ship it to you for the cost of shipping.

As seen in the photos, the distance from the front-to-back screw holes is about 10-1/8” or 25.5cm, and the distance between the two seat-ward screw holes is 10-3/4” or 27.2cm.

Happy to ship it to you for about $10 in shipping fees, or we could ride to meet each other within 120 miles of Washington, DC. But please measure your bike to be sure it fits! C40401D8-58E4-4D55-984E-44F117F4D6D8.jpeg EA7BD441-3671-4684-8374-5315C7B02347.jpeg FDE467E8-122E-46D6-8C92-E3FB95540438.jpeg
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