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Akrapovic released...

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Akra have released their slip-on pipe for the AT.


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For me the appeal is that they improve the look off the bike - sometimes.

I'm really not into the loud ones (unbaffled) as they are unpleasant for those around you. Although I'm told they might prevent the odd SMIDSY incident.
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So are the Arrow ones (on Popping up everywhere!

Good point from @erey about saving weight too - I had forgotten they are generally lighter. Mind you, I've gone for a DCT so I'm obviously not too worried about weight!
Most of these new slip-ons look great in isolation. It's just a shame the manufacturers don't provide a further part to replace the plastic Honda shield. As it stands a lot of the slip-ons don't integrate very well. Personally I don't want to replace the whole system so until there is a slip-on plus shield that integrates better I shall sit tight.
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1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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