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Alpina wheels

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Further to Davy F's post about Alpina wheels I contacted the UK supplier to ask for a few details about their spokes - given the drama we all face at the moment with the Honda OEM ones.

They replied as follows:

"Our spokes are made from high strength carbon steel - these are then zinc-nickel coated

The zinc - nickel coating has better rust properties and finish than stainless steel

Alpina have been making spokes since 1926 and its a little known secret that Alpina supply spokes to most of the major motorcycle brands

The Alpina wheel department is only 20% of Alpinas business , the other 80% is spoke production

In the unlikely event of issue in the future we will supply replacement spokes FOC"

They also provided links to two videos about the wheels:



I have no connection whatsoever with this company.
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