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Just joined this outfit to broaden my knowledge of the AT and maybe help where I can.

Here's my bio taken from another forum (saves a lot of typing).

Anyway, on to introduce myself.

I've been riding bikes all my life and the last one before my latest ride was a Vespa GTS 300ie ABS ASR.
It was a great scoot but the pillion was designed for leggy Italian 6 foot super models and as my Darling is "vertically challenged" she couldn't reach the footpegs so I decided to get a bike we could both enjoy.

My main criteria was "form, fit, function" (ex-military will recognise this approach).

Throw in secondary requirements of reputational reliability, aesthetics etc and it was easy to settle on the Honda Rebel CMX500 after considering about five other shortlisted bikes.


Have you ever had the feeling that "This bike isn't quite me?"
After almost a year of riding the Rebel, I was increasingly aware of the fact that this wasn't my ideal bike, so the search for a replacement began. Lots of window shopping and the need to get back to a big bike helped me narrow it down to a commuter/tourer/cargo hauler/multi machine. The Ducati Multistrada looked to be just the thing, but I still have memories of helping a mate on the side of the road as he re-assembelled the valve gear on his Duke.

While I was browsing my local dealer I tried an ATAS but found the seat to be way too high. I was about to move on when I saw a dusty dark machine that looked like the big red/white/blue machine I had just rejected. Turned out it was a 2017 model they were looking to move on, so a quick negotiation on change-over price and I was the proud owner of a brand new 2017 CRF1000AH.

On to personal details.
I spent 28 years in the military (RAN/RAAF) and then worked for a major defence company for another 21 years until the "adminisphere" became intolerable so I pulled the pin and am now happily retired.
At last count I've owned about 15 bikes, smallest being a 175 dirt bike and the biggest a BMW RT100 (ex-police interceptor BMWK100TIC).

I enjoy being a house husband and catering for my Darlin, when I'm not slaving away I have an interest in cars and bikes and my garage/workshop. My primary hobby is watch collecting and watchmaking.
Relaxation is usually classical music, good single malt scotch and beer on a hot day.

Anyway, that's enough for an intro, I'm sure I'll have more to say as I get the feel of the forum.



A pic of the new baby.

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