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I've swapped a 2014 GS1200 TE for the AT and after 800 miles, I'm very glad i did. I'm using it everyday with confidence and its fun.

its stable, smooth and has a gearbox that works. its planted on the road and deals with our slimy winter roads with ease. filters through traffic easier and is easier to manually move around. not noticed a down side yet apart from chain maintenance but fitted scotoiler today so that will help.

the tyres are perfectly ok so far, not really much difference to metzler tourance I've fitted to all my BMWs. the 800gs had tubed tyres and i never noticed or had a problem in 10,000 miles. no punctures and didn't really notice any difference between tubed or tubeless tyres.

its comfortable for me and with wife on pillion, too. much better that 800gs, no worse than 1200GS.

honda top box is a rubbish plastic box compared to the BMW vario luggage and i shouldn't have paid for it really but i needed it and am impatient. its ok for work but i wouldn't use for a trip and will replace soon.

ordered a touratech tank bag which I'm sure will be fine and work.

I'm confident the AT will do anything i ask it to do and very competently too, and plod along forever if thats what we decide to do.

i loved my BMW while i had a warranty but then couldn't trust it not to cost me a fortune.

the AT is more like the F800GS we had but better, much better.

all the bikes mentioned are better than most people off road, I've done BMW off road school, only first level, and in the hands of instructors, or Dakar legends, the GS is a very capable tool.
I'm sure the AT is too and hopefully will do the honda AT off road school this year.

i intend enjoying our new AT for many years to come, whatever we decide to do on it and I'm sure the AT will do it all willingly and competently.

I've got a bike i love, thinks pretty, have confidence in, feel good on, enjoy riding and enjoy cleaning. my wife likes it and will ride with me so I'm a happy biker on our Africa Twin.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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