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Any Old Guys (Over 50) Riding the Africa Twin?

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I'm over 60 and used to ride Enduros in my teens and 20s so when a road worthy dirt bike the size of the Africa Twin, after researching the possible alternatives (KTM, BMW, Ducatti, Triumph, Yamaha, etc.), it stimulated my desire to get back in the saddle again. It's a different world with issues like no insured medical coverage for motorcyclists with my insurance company (in my state?) and a lack of bikes on the road but a plethora of automobiles. Finally I hopped on a section I-24 for three exits and while crossing the Ohio river at 75 mph was blown about a bit then was blown passed by a Harley bagger and a much smaller Suzuki dual sport. Am I just getting Old? I enjoy the twisties through the woods and the dirt roads, small stream crossings and logging roads even with the stock 90/10s but I'm sure this might be more fun with say a set of Shinko 804/805 combo. I have Nelson Rigg panniers, 15 liter rolls and a 30L Tail Bag but haven't used anything but the panniers for shopping and extra weather gear. Also I have a Oxford First Tank Bag that I don't recommend. The plan is to do some camping, if time permits? I am relatively short (5'8") with a mid life gut and find that wrong footing like stopping beside an unexpected pothole (patched) is enough to cause a critical shift in the bikes gravity (I fell) and subsequent embarrassment. So feel free to share yours!
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I'm 64 and I ain't riding no bike with a red seat. Found a gray 16 and most importantly a black seat. I'll paint in the black European scheme as soon as I get it home. I ride third world, a red seat would and should get you killed.

I take a flight out of Houston to Spokane on the 1st, night in Spokane, 5AM bus to Missoula Montana, seller picks me up...30 miles south ......I gear up, camp at Grand Teton because they have more primitive (no RV) sites and spend three days carousing Yellowstone using Teton as a base.

Glacier's on fire...
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Are you serious about a red seat attracting trouble where you ride? I have an alaska leathers sheepskin buttpad on mine, making the seat brown. Well, not the pillion seat.

I like the red seat though.

Anyway getting a Seat Concepts kit, or a Sargent Seat would also give the bike a black seat.
I ride a lot in Central and South America. Everybody talks terrain but there are also people and the funny thing about third world countries is the abject poverty of the people and often an inherent danger that poverty carries with it. Pulling up on a gaudy expensive western motorcycle doesn't create bonds, it magnifies the void and draws unnecessary attention.

My opinion, although what you ride is none of my business :)
That blue model is a stunner

Enjoy your ride, but what a load of cobblers. No one took offence against Charlie and Ewan on their travels on their gaudy expensive bikes......:wink2:
As I opinion
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