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2017 DCT
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If yes, how did it go?

How much, if any mods did you have to make to the mounting bracket, if you have crashbars (like Heed Bunkers)? I'm guessing I will need to make brackets and mount to the bars, but kind of hoping that I might get lucky and be able to use the frame-mount with a minor cut or two.

Happy with the light amount, distance, spread, etc.?

Happy with the wiring?

It looks like these are setup to use a trigger wire from the Hi Beam, if desired, and to actuate, with a switch, as well. Is that the case?

Does the kit come with a switch, or do I need to buy the Honda fog light switch to be able to not run them with the High Beams on?

Guess that is a lot of questions, but if you can answer any of them, it would help.

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