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I have now got the bike pretty well setup for my 6ft 5 frame with Oxford heated grips, 25mm Touratech handle bar risers, sheepskin seat cover, Givi Airflow windscreen and Oxford X40 rear bag.

The heated grips are awesome and combined with the standard wind deflectors I don't need thick gloves. the handlebar risers help a bit and are easy to fit, sheepskin seat cover is a bum saver, and the X40 bag is very handy.

The Givi windscreen has arrived after 10 weeks and cuts out the buffering from wind over the screen but you still get it around the sides of the screen at my riding position anyway, its a lot better if you actually tuck in behind the screen.

I am going to try cutting down the standard screen which will give less protection but hopefully eliminates the buffeting issue for riding in good weather.
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